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FAQs - additional concerns and questions

1. Why is locally sourced Blackmagic Design items priced differently from B&H, Amazon, and the like (often local is more expensive)? - Upon check out from online stores, Tax & Shipping will still be added to final price (with a chance of another local taxation once item/s reaches the postal service). The local distributor already covers ALL these expenses as well as covers warranty services and replacement costs. When buying from non local dealers/resellers, you will have to pay your own shipping for waranty claims and returns. 2. How do I claim warranty? - If unit is bought from a local dealer, kindly bring the said unit to the dealer and we shall take it from there. Contact us directly if there are any problems with your local dealer for warranty claims. 3. If unit isn't bought locally, but still under warranty, can I still claim warranty? - Yes you can but local diagnostics, handling and shipping to and from to region hub for repair or replacement will be at owner's expense. Warranty will only cover repair/replacement of item. 4. What are the benefits of buying from a local dealer? When dealer/distributor has available units, local dealer/distributor can lend you replacement units while your unit is being repaired/replaced
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